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"There is scarcely any less bother in the running of a family than that of an entire state."

Below you will find information about the referral process overview and about hiring a nanny. We hope you find it beneficial to your search.

Referral Process Overview:

Required Family Client Documents

All families are required to submit the following documents with all necessary information, including names, addresses, phone numbers and job requirements completed:

  • Confidential Application for Nanny Referral Services
  • Job Description
  • Client/Agency Agreement
Click Here for the online Application for a permanent nanny.

Click Here for the online Application for a temporary nanny.

Upon receipt of your family application, we will discuss your family's unique needs, requirements, working conditions, and experience with nannies. We can provide you with a list of sample questions to help you with your interviews with potential employees. A Client/Agency agreement will be submitted for your signature upon receipt of your application. We will start recruiting for your job. We will email information about nannies who are interested, which will include their applications as well as any references we have obtained.


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