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Serving the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex since 1997
Member of the Better Business Bureau


Dear Family,

Thank you for requesting information regarding a temporary nanny. We will be happy to help you.

Every nanny (whether permanent or temporary) fills out the same application, that includes work history, reference names, We make copies of her driver’s license, social security card, proof of current car insurance, and green card or work permit. We check criminal history, sex offender registry, social security trace, and driving records.

The nanny will charge $15-25/hour. There is a four hour minimum for any sitting. We also provide newborn sleep training experts who work nights or 20 hour shifts as well as provide expert consulting. Their charges vary, based on their assessment of what is needed. (approximately $25-$30/hour) The agency fee is paid separately from the nanny and is $20/day, or $300/month for unlimited sittings.

I have been placing permanent and temporary nannies since 1997. I have an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Please call me anytime so that I can answer any additional questions. We look forward to working with you.

Andrea McDaniel

Temporary Nanny Application

Mother's Full Name: Father's Full Name:
Address: Intersection:
Home Phone:
Mother's Cell Phone: Mother's Email:
Father's Cell Phone: Father's Email:
Mother's Employer: Mother's Profession:
Mother's Work Adresss:
Mother's Work Phone: Mother's Fax:
Father's Employer: Father's Profession:
Father's Work Adresss:
Father's Work Phone: Father's Fax:
Child's Name:
Child's Name:
Child's Name:
Child's Name:
Have you or any member of your immediate family been arrested or convicted of any offense other than a minor traffic violation?
If yes, please give details
How did you hear about The Nanny Agency?
Please click here to download the temporary nanny agreement and credit card authorization page and return. Thank you.
The Nanny Agency, Inc., Nanny Service, Plano, TX
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