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Serving the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex
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 Welcome to The Nanny Agency, Inc.

 Our number one objective is to give you peace of mind!

Thank you for your interest in The Nanny Agency, Inc. and for taking the time to visit our website. We know the decision to hire a nanny is complicated at best and stressful at worst. It is our sincere hope to ease your anxieties while providing unparalleled service to you and your family.

The Nanny Agency, Inc. Provides:

  • Live-in and Live-out Nannies - Full or part-time.
  • House Managers - Full time. Responsible for all operations of the house, including hiring and training of staff, scheduling and supervising repairs.
  • Temporary Nannies
  • Latch Key Nannies - Nanny in your home after school, help with homework, driving to children's activities, start dinner.
  • Summer Nannies - Live-in or live-out; full or part-time.
  • Housekeepers - Light housekeeping is customary for permanent nannies, but occasionally we have full-time housekeepers.
  • Sitter Service - Day, evening, or overnight service on as-needed basis.
  • Overnight Newborn Specialists - Helpful for a few days or until your baby sleeps through the night.

Background Investigations: a professional pre-employment screening service will run a check on each nanny at the time of hire, which includes:

  • Criminal background search, including sex offender registry
  • Identity verification
  • Social security trace
  • Driving History
Personal Interview: assesses experience, appearance, hygiene, professionalism, and personality.
CPR/First Aid: certificates are required.
Application: covers the nanny's education, training in childcare, family information, personality profile, outside interests, skills and availability. We will share the application with you during the search process.
Work History: includes the previous employers' names, phone numbers and occupations, the nanny's responsibilities, the dates of employment, salary, the ages of the child or children cared for, and the reason the job ended.
Documentation: the nanny's proof of eligibility to work legally in the United States, driver's license, proof of automobile insurance, and a Social Security card. Copies of these documents will be on file in our office.
Family Application:
will guide you in writing a complete job description.
Client/Agency Agreement: clearly explains our obligations to you.
Nanny/Family Work Agreement: covers duties, hours, salary, conditions of employment, etc.

How Much Does This Cost?

The first question that many potential clients ask us is, "What do you charge?" There are many things to take into consideration when comparing fees of various agencies. Unlike many, our fee structure is competitive locally as well as nationally. We will charge you 10% of the nanny's first year's salary (12% for live-in), which is payable at the time of hire. There is a minimum fee of $1000.00 on any permanent referral, including perm/part time. Agency fees for a temporary nanny/sitter are $20/sitting. The fee for unlimited use in a month is $300/month. This fee is based on the cost of doing business and the amount of time devoted to screening applicants. We take the saftey and security of your family very seriously.

What can you expect to pay a nanny? In the DFW metroplex, nannies' salaries range from $500-$800 per week for live out ($12-15/hour). Live-in salaries range from $450-$550 per week. Full time nannies usually work 40-50 hours per week. An agreed upon hourly rate is paid for overtime. For temporary/babysitting placements, nannies get paid $12-15/hour, with a 4 hour minimum. For overnights, the nannies earn a minimum of $125/night. For 24 hour periods, nannies will charge a minimum of $200. We also provide newborn care specialists. Their rates very upon a family's needs. We also place permanent part-time nannies as well as on-call babysitting nannies.

If a replacement nanny becomes necessary within the first 6 months, we will assist you in locating another nanny at no additional fee. After the free replacement period, we offer a 50% discount until the end of the first year. The careful matching of a nanny’s skills, experience and personality to your expectations is the area where we excel. We don’t want to waste your time. Good communication between you and your consultant is essential. Your consultant will follow up with you frequently during your search.

How Do I Get Started?

When you contact our agency (972-713-7773 or 1-800-282-0849) we will supply you with an information form which will ask you what you would expect from your nanny (a detailed job description). You will receive a family agreement that explains our obligations to you during the search process. We can refer you to experts in the field of payroll taxes. We are available to help you throughout the hiring process and welcome your call at any point after you have hired a nanny.


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